Information for Partnerships

Experience has taught us the value of working in partnership with others. And it has shown us the wonderful variety of partnerships that are possible, every one of them different and many of them quite unexpected.

We are interested in partnering to:

  • Work together – on projects, tenders, training, research, anything that is important to both of us!
  • Share resources (people, offices, vehicles), especially in remote areas.
  • Work with the same clients, where we provide different and complementary services, especially in response to complex needs.
  • Earn profits we can share (an example might be land development, or provision of a service sold on the open market ).
  • Create training and work experience opportunities.

One thing we know for sure, there are some great partnership ideas we haven’t even thought of yet.

Contact CEO Mick Geaney for a discussion.

For more partnership ideas see Partners.