Information for Media for stories involving HOPE

Let’s get this out up front. We work with disadvantaged, marginalised, disempowered people who lack resources and often are vulnerable to exploitation. They are our number one priority.  We will protect them from harm any way we can.

Often that means a total ban on photos and any identifying details. We understand how this can make media work difficult, but we have to put client protection first, even when it costs us publicity we could benefit from.

If you want to write a story that is positive about people’s hope for a better life, then we are keen to help you any way we can.

If you are writing about a current political or social issue that affects us or our clients, we’ll consider commenting. We’re not afraid of controversy when it is a proper examination of an important issue.

The only person authorised to speak to the media on behalf of HOPE is the CEO, or a person specifically delegated by the CEO for a particular story or issue only. Please do not try to get a comment out of our staff; they are duty bound not to speak and you would only be compromising them.

If you phone our head office on 0418 803 937, identify yourself as media and ask to speak to the CEO you will get priority treatment; your call will be put through or returned as quickly as possible.

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