Your well-being

Your well-being

HOPE exists to help people achieve a better quality of life. A life that is good for you. A valuable life that includes, fun, friends, challenge and achievement, a good place to live, love and maybe a family.

It all comes down to your well-being. Do you feel good about yourself? Once you’re in that space, your life will be much better.

We’ve got some programs and people who can help you get there.  Yes, this really does work.  We’ve been doing it for more than 100 years and we’ve learned a bit about it. The darkest place you’ve ever been to, uncountable people have been there before, and most of them climbed out. They took a first step that allowed them just a sliver of hope. Most of them had help. It wasn’t like winning Lotto; it was more like making a decision and acting on it.

Check out Hope’s full range of services  here. Share the experiences of other people who have made it with help from HOPE here.

Your life can be better, but you have to make the first call.


Bringing families together.
Help when it's needed.
Help with alcohol and other drugs.
Sometimes you just need someone to listen.
Fun, challenging activities should be part of everyone's life.