Young people

Young and left out?

The world is full of old people. They’ve been around longer, so they’ve had more time to get it together. And to get things like houses and jobs.

Sometimes it seems like they’ve forgotten what it was like to be just starting out. Or they just want to tell you how to run your life.

Even worse can be pressure from other young people.

The whole thing can seem impossible.

HOPE can make it a bit easier to deal with. HOPE can help you get a proper start in life.

We work a lot with young people, especially in creating safe places for them and being ready to listen instead of tell. You’ve probably seen one of our street vans, and you may know of our work during school leavers week each year. If you’re in trouble with the police, we may be able to help there as well.

You can check out all our youth-only services here. Take a look at Feel Good About Yourself and Build a Life as well.

Yes, we really can help. Your life can be better, but you have to make the first call. Or just drop in on a street van.

Sometimes you just need someone to listen.
Bringing families together.
Fun, challenging activities should be part of everyone's life.
Help when it's needed.
Help with alcohol and other drugs.