Does this really work?

Does this really work?

Yes, what we do really helps people make their lives better.

But don’t take our word for it: find out how it worked for other people. These are real people, talking in their own words. Click the name to share their experience. (Surnames have been held back, for privacy.)

Kirsty, age 18, in trouble with the police and using drugs.

Gavin, age 13, Aboriginal and spending a lot of time on the streets.

Elmore, age 58, unemployed and drinking all the time.

Fatima, age 37, alone with two kids and nowhere to go.

Arnie, age 49, spending a lot of time in the bush with a gun, not sure anymore what’s real.

“I was sure it was all hopeless, I might as well end it.
But now things are better, life is good again. I’ve got a place
and a job and a girlfriend. Maybe we’ll have a kid.
I’m just glad Hope got me to hang on, or I might have missed it.”

Joon, age 22

Sometimes you just need someone to listen.
Fun, challenging activities should be part of everyone's life.
Help when it's needed.
Help with alcohol and other drugs.
Bringing families together.